A personal coach told me once, "take 1% and give 99% up to source."  I love this because it really helps to navigate our authentic expression.  So, when I get praise I take 1% for me and give the other 99% to the universe - likewise, when I get truly constructive feedback, I take 1% for me and the other 99% goes upward.  


Sandy McCormack - PNWA Literary Contest Director

Four words come to mind when I think of Pete Ophoven; dependable, thoughtful, intuitive and thorough.

He was a judge for Pacific Northwest Writers Assn.'s annual Literary Contest for a number of years. The critiques he wrote for the entries assigned were exceptional (hence the four words).

I have a great deal of trust in Pete. I asked if he would be interested in Chairing one of the categories in the contest this year. He accepted. I am thrilled to have him on the team.


Eleanor Owen - American Journalist

After being awarded a Finalist ribbon from Pacific Northwest Writer’s Memoir Contest, I was given the opportunity to oversee submissions for the following year’s contest. Pete Ophoven was one of a large group of writers who were assigned to critique these submissions. Without question, his ability to edit, proof-read, analyze, synthesize, and provide specific recommendations—and encouragement-- to the dozens of submissions he read, was outstanding. Not only were his written responses significant, they were crafted with insight, editorial skill and empathy.

I was so impressed with his work I sought his professional expertise in editing vignettes from my 76,000-word memoir now being reviewed by a literary agency.

In addition to his editorial skills, he is a team player, gracious, responsible and has a pleasant sense of humor.


Jean Miller

As a category chair for a well known literary contest, I have worked with Peter Ophoven for about five years. He has been a contest judge for several categories and this year has been asked to chair a popular category. He has shown a well-developed aptitude for editing works by many different authors. His editing comments and suggestions produce clearer and cleaner writing, and he is excellent at catching errors. He explains his editing to the authors in a kind, positive way. Several of them have said that his suggestions have helped them learn to write better. Peter is enthusiastic and dedicated and commits himself to large workloads. He always finishes on time. Working with him is a pleasure.


Troy Stedman - President / CEO Abbott Construction

I had the privilege of working with Peter Ophoven for over 10 years when he served as Director of IT Services for Abbott Construction. During our time working together, Peter developed and maintained a strong IT infrastructure that evolved with the company’s growth. During our time working together, the company’s volume grew by nearly four times and our staff count more than doubled. Peter built a team of professionals that was able to dependably provide exceptional IT services for three regional offices and numerous project sites at any given time. In addition to having sharp technical skills, Pete is also a terrific leader. Pete’s ability to manage interpersonal relationships between individuals, departments, and other companies is proactive, inspiring, and amongst the best I’ve had the experience to work with. Pete’s unique trait of collectively being an excellent student, teacher and coach is a joy to work with that generates impressive results. I highly recommend for leaders of other companies to engage Pete into supporting their workforces with general emotional intelligence coaching, and/or helping to resolve specific leadership challenges within their organizations. - Troy Stedman, President & CEO